General Foods was born out of a collaboration of food enterprises dating back to the early 2000’s. As a consolidated group, General Foods is now one of Australia’s largest healthy snacking manufacturers specialising in forming, baking, packing & filling. 

We believe it’s important for Australia to be at the forefront of food innovation and technical advances in food manufacturing and processing. With this in mind, we strive to be as innovative as possible with all of our products to ensure first mover and market leader status for our clients.  


By controlling all points of contact from food importation, processing and distribution, we have been able to ensure the high quality of all of our products. Our facility is both HACCP and SQF certified, adopting some of the most stringent quality measures within the food industry.


" Our goal is to procure, produce and deliver tasty, nutritious and energising products in an ethical, sustainable and environmentally conscious way. Where possible, we promise to put the interests of our partners, environment and stakeholders first. We promise to be as transparent as possible with our partners and other stakeholders and to push for innovative and sustainable outcomes throughout all of our business activities. Finally, our unwavering approach to procuring and manufacturing simple, transparent and healthy products, without negatively affecting our society and planet will remain our core business objective "